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01:31pm 22/02/2005
  Please remove me from this community  
04:44pm 31/10/2004
09:43pm 26/03/2004
  hey. my name's sam dydo. 14.f.fl (ft lauderdale). i listen to classic rock, metal, and anything beyond :) i play bass guitar in a band (R.I.F.)
sn: wastedroach
yahoo: siumiam

add me on lj.

add me on messengers.

ooh, and i like sweet home alabama. just because my dad's playing it right now and it reminded me of con-air. but besides that...
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New SF Music Community! 
09:47pm 29/02/2004
  Hey, there's a new community-
You should all join! Discuss music, concerts, or just make friends with others who love music as much as you! It's made for people in the South Florida area. At least check it out! :)
05:15pm 08/02/2004
  u could im me if u want. 14.f.fl
aim: wastedroach

cause i'm bored and all
09:50pm 03/02/2004

aim: wastedroach

add me

im me

10:45pm 16/12/2003
  X X X X X

At the beginning of fall, I posted an informal poll/survey on a couple of communities. I was expecting the answerers to choose one of the given words, and have fun elaborating. It said:

"Dom? Sub? Bottom? Top? Switch?"

Pick a word. To describe yourself. Comment here. If you'd like, you can also answer "why?"

Then post this in your own journal.

The responses have been varied, and some were really nifty keen. There were 54 total. The poll/survey is now closed!

* * *
chandraleila: It's a very thoughtful perspective. Thanks.
long time no post 
06:05am 14/12/2003
mood: awake
i know i havent posted to this community in a while, but it is 6am and i am wide awake..... this sucks.
this is a really good song though
Like to stay up late? Join Arizona Insomniacs! :) 
03:52am 13/11/2003
mood: accomplished
We're a new and growing community of people who live in Arizona, who are basicallly night people (either on purpose or not). Arizona is nearly the perfect place to be nocturnal, because sometimes it can be so hot during the day, that the only time to exist is during the evening.
  • Are you a night person?

  • Do you enjoy going out and doing things at 3 in the morning?

  • Do you wish you could find other people in Arizona who may have some insomniac tendencies?
We would be honored if you would join us!

For those who may stay up late at night

[**sorry for the massive cross posting**]
xposted.. sorry if you see me more than once. 
01:26am 07/10/2003

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05:37pm 17/09/2003
  "Dom? Sub? Bottom? Top? Switch?"

Pick a word. To describe yourself. Comment here. If you'd like, you can also answer "why?"

Then post this in your own journal.
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04:28am 02/08/2003
mood: okay
They're looking for two kidnapped toddlers from Houston, TX... father is the kidnapper, and he also shot and killed the girls' mother. Here is all the info you need to keep an eye out for the girls. Click for info.
10:45pm 31/07/2003
  This is a brand new communite, and my first communite...

but not_an_obession is a communite for you to post about those little favorite things of yous that some ppl might say your obsessed with. But you know that of course you aren't obessed with. We need more memembers....comeon join you know you would love to share what you are not obsessed with...i figured it would be entertaing for those of you up late to post about strange non-obessions :) have fun

01:44am 30/07/2003
mood: curious/awake/anxious
So i've been going to prison therapy for 2 days now, 5-6 hours a day. I have to do this for 2 weeks. Yay.
Sleep is uber fucked up. I have to be up and at the therapy place at 10 AM everyday...and i usually don't get to sleep till 4 or 5 ish. Sucky. I've been sleeping more lately (after i get back from therapy at 3ish)..but it's broken up. Bah.
Doc prescribed Lexapro and Gabitral to me today. He said the Gabitral will knock me on my ass and i'll sleep like a baby. It's for anxiety..but one of the side effects is "nervousness". Gee, that defeats the purpose, right? So..yeah..here i am...1:42 AM..wide awake and kinda antsy. I rented One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest which is supposed to be one of Jack Nicholsons greatest films..but i just can't get into it. Does this make me a bad person?
08:48am 25/07/2003
mood: awake
Hey everyone,
I'm 18, My name is Aimee...

And I can't sleep.
04:20am 25/07/2003

If you're bored and want a neopet, join! They're fun to play with. Also, if you join using this link, I get some points to help feed my hungry neopets. :)
Politics among other stuff in this survey 
03:57am 25/07/2003
mood: curious
my name is: Annaleigh Watts
in the morning i am: tired...groggy
all i need is: love of my God
i'm afraid of: many things
i dream about: all sorts of things
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12:00pm 22/07/2003
mood: guns
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02:27am 22/07/2003
mood: awesome
a timeline, of sorts

wednesday - i departed wednesday morning and arrived in time to wander boston for a few hours before taking my writing placement exam, which was easy but i put minimal effort into. i then did the checkin in and shit and some other shit and stuff. went to berkley school of music for a faculty concert (some jazz-fusion thing) which was amazing. stayed up all night partying with my newfound friends. went to store 24 at some point that night.
thursday - all this scheduled shit. registered for classes. picnic on the green. presentations and speeches. then we had a dance and i shot some pool in the sweet ass game room (11 full-sized pool tables). killer. met up with a bunch to party on the 16th floor. we went to store-24, the 24 hour convenience store down the street, then we chilled on the roof/balcony thing and stayed up all night, the 12 of us. a blast. beautiful women, intelligent conversation, lots of cigarettes (oops).. it was a good start. i am taking a class called reasoning and argumentation, and one called irish modernism (joyce and the like). notable people i met that night include carolyn (motherduck) and kris (krono0701).
friday - the end of the orientation. picture taken (mine is amusing, considering the lack of sleep) i went to see a brazillian jazz ensemble at a museum downtown with colin (extratofu) and laura (blueskylitstar), but that was sold out, so we saw a french film called la rue de plaisirs at the museum of fine art. after that laura and i were making noise on 16 and laura came out of her room and chilled with us, as did tanya. we went to store 24 and had a sleepover in lauras room. then laura and tanya had to leave in the morning.
saturday - laura and i saw pirates of the caribbean, ate lunch at an indian restaraunt-ish thing, drank lemondate in boston common, went to chinatown, and otherwise wandered boston.

oh man, that's all for now, i'm doing shots of everclear from my new BU shotglass.

i may do some gonzo journalism here: how about a shot of clear every five minutes for 20 minutes and i will type for thirty.
beginning soon:

and...... begin at 12:44
whoa man that shit goes down rough, i havetn done it in wayt too long. i forgot to outline the rules of this thing, there will be no backspacing, so eeany typos i make will be left here. dont expect all mistakes to be alcohol related, i am just typing hastily in order to properly document this ordeal. i just asked miss baldwin if it was bad to consume pure everclear and am waiting for a response. mrs baldwin is a health professional who helps at my school. she is a super nice lady and always answers my questions about drugs and alcohol and sex and stuff. nice lady, she says it is a real bad idea. well, isnt everything? hmm, i am not feeling shot number one yet, but i think it should kick in soon. i have only one minute to go until 12:49 when i will down my second shot of everclear, bringing the amount of alcohol in my blood to a whopping 2.85 ounces. that's like five beers or so, man. whjoa.
oh man rough this shit is fucking me up like never before.. chris tit hurts. cant type
canktt keep thids tiup so fucked ony one mgnt
adn im snpent eigh 5.7 oz. alcoihol pure bitcsdh
02:05am 20/07/2003
mood: aggravated
volatilechaos: last night i was actually tired. and i layed down at two. and i didnt even start to drift off til around 5:30, 6
MagooOi: when did you wake up?
volatilechaos: i didnt get to sleep
volatilechaos: as i drifted off
volatilechaos: my dad got up and went to the bathroom
volatilechaos: then the dogs were walking around panting
volatilechaos: and then my 4yr old sis got up
volatilechaos: and then there was no more quiet
volatilechaos: so. i wanted to slam my head into the wall as hard as i could
volatilechaos: to try and knock myself unconscious
MagooOi: oh hunny im so sorry, i know how bad it is, i just wanted to get hit by a car so i could sleep at the hospital
volatilechaos: but i was just so pissed off and annoyed that i got up at like.. 7
volatilechaos: i forgot
volatilechaos: well i didnt forget
volatilechaos: but i forgot to put it
volatilechaos: before my dad got up to go to the bathroom.. i was woken up by my parents having sex
volatilechaos: sooooooooooooo
volatilechaos: after that i just wanted to die
MagooOi: .........
MagooOi: thats terrible