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a timeline, of sorts

wednesday - i departed wednesday morning and arrived in time to wander boston for a few hours before taking my writing placement exam, which was easy but i put minimal effort into. i then did the checkin in and shit and some other shit and stuff. went to berkley school of music for a faculty concert (some jazz-fusion thing) which was amazing. stayed up all night partying with my newfound friends. went to store 24 at some point that night.
thursday - all this scheduled shit. registered for classes. picnic on the green. presentations and speeches. then we had a dance and i shot some pool in the sweet ass game room (11 full-sized pool tables). killer. met up with a bunch to party on the 16th floor. we went to store-24, the 24 hour convenience store down the street, then we chilled on the roof/balcony thing and stayed up all night, the 12 of us. a blast. beautiful women, intelligent conversation, lots of cigarettes (oops).. it was a good start. i am taking a class called reasoning and argumentation, and one called irish modernism (joyce and the like). notable people i met that night include carolyn (motherduck) and kris (krono0701).
friday - the end of the orientation. picture taken (mine is amusing, considering the lack of sleep) i went to see a brazillian jazz ensemble at a museum downtown with colin (extratofu) and laura (blueskylitstar), but that was sold out, so we saw a french film called la rue de plaisirs at the museum of fine art. after that laura and i were making noise on 16 and laura came out of her room and chilled with us, as did tanya. we went to store 24 and had a sleepover in lauras room. then laura and tanya had to leave in the morning.
saturday - laura and i saw pirates of the caribbean, ate lunch at an indian restaraunt-ish thing, drank lemondate in boston common, went to chinatown, and otherwise wandered boston.

oh man, that's all for now, i'm doing shots of everclear from my new BU shotglass.

i may do some gonzo journalism here: how about a shot of clear every five minutes for 20 minutes and i will type for thirty.
beginning soon:

and...... begin at 12:44
whoa man that shit goes down rough, i havetn done it in wayt too long. i forgot to outline the rules of this thing, there will be no backspacing, so eeany typos i make will be left here. dont expect all mistakes to be alcohol related, i am just typing hastily in order to properly document this ordeal. i just asked miss baldwin if it was bad to consume pure everclear and am waiting for a response. mrs baldwin is a health professional who helps at my school. she is a super nice lady and always answers my questions about drugs and alcohol and sex and stuff. nice lady, she says it is a real bad idea. well, isnt everything? hmm, i am not feeling shot number one yet, but i think it should kick in soon. i have only one minute to go until 12:49 when i will down my second shot of everclear, bringing the amount of alcohol in my blood to a whopping 2.85 ounces. that's like five beers or so, man. whjoa.
oh man rough this shit is fucking me up like never before.. chris tit hurts. cant type
canktt keep thids tiup so fucked ony one mgnt
adn im snpent eigh 5.7 oz. alcoihol pure bitcsdh
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