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Politics among other stuff in this survey

my name is: Annaleigh Watts
in the morning i am: tired...groggy
all i need is: love of my God
i'm afraid of: many things
i dream about: all sorts of things

with the opposite/same sex:

what do you notice first?: eyes
last person you slow danced with: nobody
worst question to ask: too many to list

-d o. y o u .e v e r-

sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to i.m. you?: no
save aol/aim conversations: used to
wish you were a member of the opposite sex: no

-w h o .w a s .t h e .l a s t. p e r s o n-

you talked to on the phone: Dr. Acevedo's receptionist
hugged: don't remember
you instant messaged: little Eric
you laughed with: my mom
kissed: Nanxie.

-d o .y o u-

color your hair: used to
ever get off the damn computer: yeah
habla espanol: si

-d o .y o u / / a r e .y o u-

smoke cigarettes: NO
obsessive: YES
could you live without the computer?: NO
whats your favorite food?: cheeseburger
whats your favorite fruit?: cherries
drink alcohol?: no
like watching sunrises or sunset: sunset
what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?: emotional always stays with you.
trust others way too easily? NO

-n u m b e r-

of times i have had my heart broken?: 2 times
of boys i have kissed? 3
of girls i have kissed? 0
of times i have moved? : 4 times
of tight friends? : 3
of cd's that i own? : 58386768686868765774575
of scars on my body? : a couple on my forehead
of things in my past that i regret? 2

*Affirmative Action- pro
*Teenage Drinking- CON
*Cell Phone bans in school- con
*Cell Phone bans on the road- neutral
*Capitol Punishment- pro
*Catholic Priests allowed to marry- pro
*Censorship of:
music- CON
books- CON.
games- CON.
Internet- CON
*Embryo (Stem Cell) Research- pro
*Gangs in America- CON
*Homosexual Marriages- pro
*Gun Control- neutral
*Random Drug Testing- pro
*Racial Profiling- CON
*School Prayer- CON
*Separation of Church and State- pro
*Sexual Education- PRO
*Abstinence Only Education- CON
*Standardized Testing- CON
*Abortion- neutral
*Tobacco Advertising- CON
*Zero Tolerance in School- con
*Mandatory Recycling- pro
*School Uniforms- CON
*Immigration- PRO
*Banning of Extremist Groups- neutral
*Clone Research- CON
*Home schooling- neutral
*Time Limits of Welfare- con
*Smoking in school- con
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